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  Just another day in the Hunter/Jumper Circuit for an equestrian.

Welcome to the Life of an Equestrian

Thank you for visiting the Life of an Equestrian, your site for making your life a little easier being a person involved in the Hunter/Jumper Circuit.  It can be difficult to always manage all the concerns of your horse, upcoming show and the day-to-day responsibilities that an equestrian has. The amount of time, energy and knowledge needed to be an active participant with horses at times can be overwhelming.

Anyone who is involved in this “horse world” knows it is a fulltime job, it is more than just a hobby or a sport it is a way of life.   On top of all the other responsibilities one may have from work, school and family adding a horse into the mix is not always simple.  This site is here to give you helpful pointers, guides, list and tips as well as links to other helpful sites to make being apart of the Hunter/Jumper Circuit a little easier.