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About The Life of an Equestrian

The Life of an Equestrian was created to be a helpful site for those who own, ride and compete with Hunter/Jumper horses.  Taking the years of experience and knowledge I have gained from being involved with these breathtaking and beautiful animals as well as being an active participant in Hunter/Jumper shows all over California, Arizona and Oregon I have put together information that can be useful to preparing and being a part of the Hunter/Jumper world. 

With horses comes triumphs, heartbreaks, up and downs (literally going down to the dirt) and so much more, but it is the passion that I have and so many others have as well that keeps us devoted equestrians.  For me horses will always be a part of my life, there is something so special about my bond with horses words could not describe them.  I hope this site portrays just that and helps make your life as an equestrian a little easier by answering questions you may have as well as giving you pointers, links and guides for preparing for your upcoming show.